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How to get rid of mold spores in the air?

First, it’s important to have your space inspected and tested by a professional if you believe mold is present. To aid in keeping mold away, it’s a good idea to invest in an air purifier.

What humidity does mold grow in?

55% or more

How long does it take for mold to get out of your system?

It could take weeks or months depending on the severity of your symptoms and the mold issue. Consult your physician for further information.



What are some tips on how to clean mold off wood?

While the internet will tell you that you just need bleach or dishwashing soap, mold removal is not something to try to take care of on your own. Due to the sensitive nature of the job, to protect yourself, it’s safest to call in the professionals if you feel like there is mold in your home or office.

Tips on how to identify black mold?

Black mold can be found in many different colors, but it’s often dark, as one would gather by the name. It usually has spots that are black or brown colored; sometimes orange and flecked with white. Black mold oftentimes has a fuzzy appearance, but definitely not the cute fuzzies!

How long does it take for mold to grow?

If the temperature and humidity are ideal, mold can grow in as little time as 24-48 hours. However, it typically takes 3 days before spores start spreading through your home or office and 18-21 days before you can actually see it. 

What does harmless black mold look like?

To try to decipher if the black mold is toxic, you can look at the consistency of the mold and what color it is. We discussed black mold in the previous question, noting that it’s usually dark-colored and possible fuzz. Toxic black mold can look a bit slimy or have brown or orange fuzz. Toxic mold is typically a grayish color. 

How does mold smell?

Mold smells can vary depending on the type, but most people describe them as musty and stale — somewhat similar to old socks.

What is white mold?

White mold is a fungus that can appear in different colors, depending on the type of surface it infects. It thrives extremely well when there’s high moisture around like showers and leaky walls for instance.

How much is a mold inspection?

Mold inspection prices can vary depending on the space. Give us a call today and we’d love to discuss it further with you!

What happens if you paint over mold?

Painting over mold will only make your problems worse. The paint could chip, peel, or bubble- all signs that there is still growth underneath the paint.

What does mold on carpet look like?

If you notice black or green spots all over your carpet, it is time to call in the professionals. The area underneath might have developed discoloration before anywhere else so keep an eye out for this as well.

What is a high mold count?

A high mold count would be anywhere from 13,000 to 49,999.