Attic Mold Remediation in Burlington

Attics are one of the most vulnerable areas to mold because they have poor air sealing and ventilation issues, which make them perfect breeding grounds for fungi. Homeowners need professional help when it comes to getting rid of attic mold, especially if they are on their own and don’t know what steps can be taken. The presence or growth in an attic could impact indoor air quality as well health, making its removal vital for both your family’s safety from dangerous mold.

Signs That Mold is Lurking in Your Attic

Having a certified professional check for signs of mold periodically in your attic allows you to know exactly where the problem is and avoid a much worse situation. You can routinely check yourself as well, but you’ll need to know what you’re looking for. Here are some signs you could have mold growing in your attic:

  • Dark spots – The dark stains on your attic plywood are a clear sign that mold has been lurking in the background, causing it to discolor.
  • Poor ventilation – The ideal way for your home to stay cool and mold-free is by making sure there’s good ventilation in the attic. Stuffy, hot environments mean that air doesn’t flow freely which often leads directly to developing a mold issue.
  • Buildup of frost – Not having proper ventilation during the winter months especially can cause issues as water vapor can freeze under your roof. Eventually, this buildup of frost can most certainly cause mold. 
  • Mildew smell – If you get a whiff of mildew or must while in your attic, it’s important not to ignore it as it can be an indicator of mold. 
  • Damp insulation – Your attic may be too moist if you notice the insulation in your attic is damp. Damp or wet insulation is an indicator that mold has possibly already made an appearance. 

Expert Mold Remediation Services in the Triad

There are typically 3 main reasons why there is a mold issue in an attic: leaking in the structure’s roof, leaking of air, and ventilation issues. 

  • Leaking in the roof –  It is important to check your roof for any cracks or leaks because this can cause mold. Make sure you look up high where the wood has discoloration and also near chimneys, vents, etc., as these are common places that water may creep in.
  • Leaking of air – The air in your home can be driven by exhaust fans or the wind, which blows through ceilings and floors in your attic. This “leak” often contains water vapor that leads to mold on plywood surfaces causing an accumulation of condensation – leading to much bigger problems down the line!
  • Ventilation issues – The attics of most homes have a passive ventilation system that relies on soffit and ridge vents for outdoor air circulation. Moisture creation happens when these kinds of mechanisms become blocked which in turn causes warm air that condenses with cold wood. This is when a mold issue can likely occur. 

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with any of these problems alone! Mold Patrol is equipped with the experience, equipment, and professional knowledge to assist with any of your home or office’s mold issues. Give us a call today!

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