Basement Mold Remediation in Burlington

Mold is a fungus that can invade homes, schools, and businesses in the Triad. It loves environments with high humidity levels to survive but will grow on surfaces like drywall wooden joists or studs as well. If mold is present in your home or office’s basement, it could be weeks or months before it’s noticed, and by then, there is already an infestation. Mold reproduces by making spores which are microscopic organisms capable of spreading throughout your entire house within 48 hours–sometimes even less! The most common place you’ll find them around here? Your basement.

How Does a Mold Problem Occur in a Basement?

Some ways that basement mold can be initiated in Burlington NC and surrounding areas include malfunctioning HVAC systems, flooding, or broken plumbing pipes. The problem may also occur after an event such as a fire when there is trash that is left and forgotten by owners who are busy trying their best to recover from the damage caused by these events. Even a minuscule amount of mold in your basement can quickly turn into an all-out infestation due to the temperatures in most basements being perfect for fungal breeding. The majority of people are unaware that up to 40% of air that we then breathe comes from our Crawlspaces and basements. 


Expert Mold Remediation Services in the Triad

There is no easy fix for basement mold problems and without the proper remediation and/or removal procedure, mold can cause an array of issues for not only your dwelling but your health. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just bleach, paint, or caulk over mold to eliminate it. Basement mold should never be taken lightly and the only real solution is remediation and removal. Because mold is a pressing issue, regardless of where it occurs in the home or building, it is imperative that it’s addressed immediately. If you’re dealing with a pesky mold problem in your basement, it’s best to get professional help. Mold remediation in Alamance County and surrounding areas is an art and science that incorporates steps for removal; however, there are also tools used by our team of professionals who specialize in this field so they can detect hidden instances of mold from lurking around unnoticed.

Burlington Basement Mold Removal Company

With Mold Patrol’s tried and true process, basement mold is treatable. Once we go through the steps of inspection, testing, remediation, removal, and follow-up testing, mold removal will not only be a success but allow you to feel confident about your home or business and the health of its inhabitants. Call Mold Patrol today!